Company Information

Rada Forex was established in 1985 by Mr. Ali Rada. Mr. Rada is a veteran Broker/Dealer with 35 years of experience in Foreign Exchange and Money Markets. Mr. Rada lectured to Fortune 500 Executives and trained Foreign Exchange Traders at New York University School of Continuing Professional Studies, from 1987 thru 1997.
Rada Forex currently provides services to: International Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, and Financial Data Distributors.
Financial Currency Traders
Transactions - The execution of transactions are performed directly with financial currency traders, by matching buyers
and sellers. Instant access to live market information is available by utilizing direct telephones lines to trading rooms
and electronic computer platforms.
Technology Companies
Market Quotes - We pride ourselves on providing accurate market information. Real-time market quotes are submitted
electronically to the Major Financial Data Providers.
Financial Institutions
With a solid network of approximately 130 international banks our company is a premier provider of foreign exchange
quotes for the world's major and minor currencies.
Rada Forex is an expert in Emerging Markets and Exotic Currencies. Rada Forex uses this expertise to eliminate the
mystery surrounding non- major currency markets.
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